Web design Hebden offer

How about I set up you up a website? I can also show you how to change it and add things.

Erm, will that be expensive?

I can do that for you for free.

I can have a website for free?

Well, you will have to pay to host it on the internet true, but I'll get you started without having to pay anything straight away.

What if I don't like it?

If you then decide against it you don't have to pay at all.

Why would you do this?

I have a 'helping people with the internet' business to promote.

And doing this ...?

And doing this I get to demonstrate how helpful I can be.

Cool. What are the details?

How about I set you up a website? I can also show you how to change it and add things.

  • Just send me an email.
  • Include the text you'd like to see on your website. Attach a picture or two.
  • I'll create a site that will get you up and running.
  • All for free. You may in the future want to learn more, then you can pay me to help you learn what you need.
  • Find out more about my help and training. Or just try me out, send me an email first session free.

  • I'll create the site using Squarespace, one of the best platforms for an easily managed website.
  • You will be able to change and edit your new site immediately.
  • I'll help you learn how to be in control.
  • Be your own web designer, your website will be far better with your personal care.
  • Are you near Hebden Bridge? You can have face to face help.

  • After 14 days you will have to pay £8 ($12) a month to Squarespace (not to me) to keep your site.
  • If you don't want your site, do nothing and it disappears.

Email me now ...